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Duties and Responsibilities:


  • Plan pipe system layout, installation, or repair, according to specifications.

  • Cut, thread, or hammer pipes to specifications, using tools such as saws, cutting torches, pipe threaders, or pipe benders. 

  • Assemble or secure pipes, tubes, fittings, or related equipment, according to specifications, by welding, brazing, cementing, soldering, or threading joints. 

  • Select pipe sizes, types, or related materials, such as supports, hangers, or hydraulic cylinders, according to specifications

  • Measure and mark pipes for cutting or threading.

  • Inspect, examine, or test installed systems or pipe lines, using pressure gauge, hydrostatic testing, observation, or other methods.

  • Lay out full scale drawings of pipe systems, supports, and related equipment, following blueprints.

  • Attach pipes to walls, structures, or fixtures, such as radiators or tanks, using brackets, clamps, tools, or welding equipment.

  • Cut or bore holes in structures, such as bulkheads, decks, walls, or mains, prior to pipe installation, using hand or power tools.

  • Modify, clean, and maintain pipe systems, units, fittings, and related machines and equipment, following specifications and using hand and power tools.

  • Remove and replace worn components.

  • Turn valves to shut off steam, water, or other gases or  liquids from pipe sections, using valve keys or wrenches.

  • Install automatic controls used to regulate pipe systems.

  • Inspect work sites for obstructions and to ensure that holes will not cause structural weakness.

  • Dip nonferrous piping materials in a mixture of molten tin and lead to obtain a coating that prevents erosion or galvanic or electrolytic action.



  • Must have the ability to pass weld test

  • 6G/6010 Root/7018Cap/2 Inch Pipe

  • Must have TWIC Card

  • Must Have Water Survival w/HUET

  • Must have Safe Gulf

  • Must be willing to consent to pre-employment screening and testing

  • Must be able to pass drug test and background



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