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Superior Staffing Services offers customized solutions based on individual client needs. If you need some one to fill-in during an employee absence, busy season or on a project we offer temporary placements for a little as 4 hours or indefinitely. If you are not sure how long you may need someone, have a position that is temporary but may turn into a long term assignment or you would like to have the candidate work for you before you make a commitment and hire them permanently we offer temp-to-hire placement. If you have a position that you know will be long term then we offer permanent placement. Once you determine the length of time you will need an employee we have a customized solution for you.


Superior Staffing Services, Inc. recruits from various sources to find the ideal candidate. Whether you are seeking a candidate to fill an entry level position with little or no experience/skills or an executive position with extensive qualifications we will exhaust every effort to identify the perfect candidate to satisfy your needs using:


  • Referrals

  • Networking

  • Trade Organizations

  • Social Media

  • Online Advertising

  • Print Advertising


Superior Staffing Services, Inc. interviews every candidate prior to presenting them to a client. Once the candidate has been presented the client can choose to conduct a telephone interview, in-person interview or both to determine if the candidate will be a good fit for their organization and the position they are trying to fill.


Superior Staffing Services, Inc. has some standard screening and testing that is performed on every candidate prior to placement but we can also administer any client specific screening or testing to ensure that we are identifying to most qualified candidate for our clients. We will always discuss testing and screening requirements with our clients prior to presenting a candidate.



  • Reference Checks

  • E-Verify

  • In office drug testing


Client/Job Specific

  • Lab Drug Testing

  • DOT Drug Testing

  • DOT Physical

  • Physical

  • MVR

  • Criminal Background Investigation

  • Credit Check

  • Typing/Software Testing

  • Language

  • Skills Testing

  • And any other required testing or screening

temp labor staffing gulfport biloxi mississippi interviewing hiring jobs
Temp Labor Staffing Biloxi Gulfport Pascagoula Mississippi Jobs Hiring Recruiting
Temp Labor Staffing Help Jobs Hiring Interviewing Recruiting Biloxi Gulfport Pascagoula Mississippi
Temp Labor Staffing Recruiting Jobs
Temp Labor Staffing Biloxi Gulfport Mississippi Interviewing Jobs
Temp Labor Staffing Help Jobs Hiring Interviewing Recruiting Biloxi Gulfport Pascagoula Mississippi
Temp Labor Staffing Help Jobs Hiring Interviewing Recruiting Biloxi Gulfport Pascagoula Mississippi

Payroll Services

Superior Staffing Services offers payroll services for your existing employees or any new employees to offer you more flexibility. If you already have employees and you are too busy to process payroll or feel your time would be better spent performing other duties then we will be glad to process your weekly payroll. If you identify a candidate you would like to hire but you are not ready to make a long term commitment then we will be glad to process their payroll as well. In addition, Superior Staffing Services can process Certified Payroll for all of your Prevailing Wage/Davis Bacon jobs.


Superior Staffing Services, Inc. has workers compensation, USL&H and general liability insurance coverage for all temporary and temp-to-hire employees. As our client, you can reduce your exposure to accidents/injuries by using our temporary or temp-to-hire options where the employee is covered by our insurance.


Coverage Amounts

  • Workers Compensation

  • USL&H

  • General Liability

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