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Job Description:

  • Lays out and fabricates metal structural parts, such as plates, bulkheads, and frames, and braces them in position within hull of ship for riveting or welding: Lays out position of parts on metal, working from blueprints or templates and using scribe and hand tools.

  • Locates and marks reference lines, such as center, buttock, and frame lines.

  • Positions parts in hull of ship, assisted by RIGGER.

  • Aligns parts in relation to each other, using jacks, turnbuckles, clips, wedges, and mauls.

  • Marks location of holes to be drilled and installs temporary fasteners to hold part in place for welding or riveting.

  • Installs packing, gaskets, liners, and structural accessories and members, such as doors, hatches, brackets, and clips.

  • May prepare molds and templates for fabrication of nonstandard parts.

  • May tack weld clips and brackets in place prior to permanent welding.

  • May roll, bend, flange, cut, and shape plates, beams, and other heavy metal parts, using shop machinery, such as plate rolls, presses, bending brakes, and joggle machines.


  • Must have previous experience as a Structural Ship Fitter and must have TWIC card.

  • Must be willing to submit to pre-employment testing and screening



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